a challange to myself

Facing the challange of discovering the possibilities of social medias… That’ll be fun.

A design which fits me; things I’d like to share, pictures which tell stories, topics I’d like to discuss, thoughts which come from the inside. Trying to realise all this, in the best way I can. Focusing on sharing the things which are important to me and which I think could be good to think about.

After 27.778 kilometers and 365 days „oneyearago“ is supposed to tell stories, show pictures and share experiences and thoughts of an amazing journey through France, Spain and Portugal. The pictures were all taken with an analog camera and have been developed by the end of the journey, which brought quite a lot of excitement with it. Everything​ will be posted exactly one year after the day it happened to rebuild the journey in a type of flashbacks.


Hopefully, it’ll be joyful for everyone!